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Things To Know About Golf Course Irrigation Systems


A golf course could be a dream place, but not unless it is properly irrigated with a classy irrigation system, it will besides bring about water wastage, it will also do harm to the quality of the ground. As a result, a prudent decision must be taken when determining which system to use. The golf course irrigation system typically consists of sprayers, field controllers, central control systems as well as valves. These are the features of an automatic sprayer system. Each one of them has a purpose of its own, and each plays a crucial part in the correct irrigation. It is always wise to utilize irrigation systems that have an efficient water management.


The central control system provides automatic monitoring and as a result saves water and benefits the surrounding. An automatic controller will have numerous start times, numerous independent programs and automatic shut on / off. This is a good option since you have the flexibility to irrigate only when essential. You can as well utilize nozzles that make it possible for water to be spread evenly. In so doing, brown spots can be evaded, and the course will appear a lot better. Precipitation nozzles have been known to decrease water consumption by a margin of 30%. Know about tee sheet software here!


Sprayers are found in retrofit conversion units, modular controls as well as hand-held units. Corporations nowadays are manufacturing sprayers keeping client necessities in mind. All sites are diverse; therefore, they require sprinklers which will cater for the irrigation necessities of the site. There are as well sprayers that provide precision coverage for the ground. This is particularly useful in irrigating tee boxes as well as other areas that will be hard to get to. A small-bodied sprinkler is suitable for small spaces. With proven durability and toughness, sprayers are found with low maintenance necessities. If you want to learn more about Golf POS software , you can visit


The central control system is the central processing unit. It is the intellect behind the irrigation scheme. It is possible to get graphic based tee time booking software so as make your job easy. This system provides direction to the valves. It directs the valves on when to irrigate and when to stop. The sprayer only directs the flow of water once it gets instruction. A watering station is a unit of sprinklers that is controlled by one valve. The type of water station is dependent on the quality of the lawn and the type of plants used for the golf course.